Gabriel Goar



Gabriel Goar was born in Waco Texas in 1983. Moved to Northern California where he was raised. After the death of his uncle, his family moved to Las Vegas, Nevada to be with family. He is the middle child of 7 raised by his mom. Gabriel has always been an entrepreneur at heart…he was cutting grass when he was 7 years old, selling candy bars when he was 10 and got his first job at a construction company when he was 15. At 16 he got his first "official" job at Kmart and after only 6 short months as cashier, was offered a management position. He turned it down because they wanted him to work on Sundays, but Gabriel wanted to be in church on Sundays. Gabriel’s mom moved her family to Virginia Beach on May 1, 1999. Mom always said the Lord wanted her to work at Regent University or the 700 Club, that’s why she moved them to Virginia Beach. Gabriel always wanted to start a company since he was a young child, after working as the maintenance man at his church for 4 years he literally woke up one day and said, “I am going to start a painting company.” He didn’t have any experience in the painting world, nor had he ever worked for a painting company before. His experience was limited to the “touch-ups” and small painting projects that were completed at the church. He saved up enough money to lock himself in a room for 7 days and he checked out all the DVD’s and books he could on how to paint. Gabriel emerged out of his “cave” 7 days later with all the knowledge he needed to at least get started. He sold his car to purchase business insurance and 2 gracious men at the church gave Gabriel a truck and a paint sprayer to help run the business. That was the birth of The Painter, Inc. on January 6, 2006. 2 family members came out from Vegas to help Gabriel start the company.  Lydia Nobritzgi was the first customer, she signed a contract on Feb 13, 2006 for $860. Lydia put down a $175 deposit. Poor Lydia had no idea Gabriel didn’t even own a paintbrush. He took the first deposit and went out and purchased his first roller sleeves, pans, handles and paintbrushes. After this job was completed Gabriel was hooked on the painting business and the fact someone would pay him to do this. Little did he know in 10 short years the business would have grown to be the largest Residential painting company in the Hampton Roads area.

Daniel Jeter

Service Manager


Daniel was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. He moved to Virginia Beach in 2005 where he lives with his wife and. Daniel worked for Sherwin Williams Paint Company from 2001 - 2015. He went from being a Store Manager of several different stores to being promoted to the Training Manager for this area. Daniel was chosen out of many candidates to be the Manager of the store, where the employees were trained how to properly accomplish the company's goals and procedures. This in turn gave him the people and management skills that has made him invaluable to The Painter, Inc. After being a Training Manager for several years, he was then promoted to a Sales Representative where he serviced over 400 accounts. He joined our team in August of 2015. Daniel is in charge of quality control for the company and ensuring that every client is completey satisfied and loves their paint job.

"Loved the professionalism, dedication to customer service, attention to detail and fabulous crew and staff who are very well organized! The best vendor I have ever worked with!"

Fran M.