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We run a strong, family owned, year round painting business servicing all of Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk and Suffolk. Schedule your appointment today with one of our Paint Consultants and we will gladly come out and give you a proposal. Along with your proposal you will receive an abundance of info about The Painter, Inc. and more references and testimonials than you could ever imagine. We believe in giving you all of the information upfront, so you can make an educated decision on your next Painting Contractor. We look forward to your call and hope to service you soon as one of our clients. Click on the Our Crew Page to access all the info on our amazing staff and crew!




Ask yourself "Why should I choose The Painter, Inc. above the other Painting Contractors in this area?" I'm so glad you asked! We have a dedicated Service Manager to handle all of the scheduling before your job even starts. Once your job starts, the Job Foreman will be the Lead Person in charge and is there to answer any question or concern you may have! We work in crews of at least two Painters, to ensure peace of mind for you as the client. Our Painters only know how to work with the BEST products. We exclusively use top of the line paints from Sherwin Williams when doing custom re-paints. What have you got to loose? There are so many guarantees in place you are covered for life...Literally we offer a Lifetime Supply of Touch-Up Paint to our clients!



We pride ourselves on employing the BEST painters in town. The Painter, Inc. works hard to create a working environment where each Painter is valued for what they bring to our Company. We strive to competitively pay our Painters so they won't feel the need to jump around from Company to Company trying to find the "next best place." We believe we ARE the best place they can work. We have employee training's 3 times a week to ensure everyone is on the same page and we are working as a team.  All of this has been put in place to enhance your experience as the client. At the end of the job, we want you to walk away and say "Wow! I have never had a better experience with a contractor!"



Do you struggle with picking out the right colors for your home? Colors that will compliment your existing furniture, finishes, decor and also be a color you love?
After you choose The Painter, Inc. as your Contractor; we offer a free consultation with a Professional Interior Designer. What an amazing added bonus! Not only do you get the best Painters this area has to offer, but you also get a Professional Color Consultation. What more could you ask for?

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